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HMS Ark Royal

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier

David Cameron on Ark Royal

David Cameron addresses Ark Royal's Ship's Company - 24th June 2010.

HMS Ark Royal Ship's Programme 2010

Some dates may be approximate. If you are able to provide more accurate information or to correct an error then please email us.



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January 2010

January - Portsmouth. Base Assisted Maintenance Period (BAMP).

25th January - Assume role of Fleet Flagship.

29th January - Assume duties of the High Readiness Strike Carrier.



February 2010

8th February - Sail for post-maintenance trials.

15th - 17th February - Ammunition ship at Glen Mallen Armament Depot.

24th February - Arrive in North Shields (visit includes Ship Open To Visitors). 



March 2010

1st March - Sail from North Shields for air work-up.

15th March - Operational Readiness Inspection.

18th March - Portsmouth for pre-deployment preparations.



April 2010

6th April - Sail from Portsmouth for the AURIGA Deployment.

10th - 20th April - Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 101 (JMC).

21st April - On stand-by to repatriate British travellers stranded in France due to the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud.

22nd April - Unplanned return to Portsmouth.

27th April - Emergency dock-down in "D" Lock to repair damaged sea chest.



May 2010

6th May - Undock and cold move to Sheer Jetty.

7th May - Sail from Portsmouth to resume planned deployment.

14th - 18th May - Visit to Norfolk, Virginia.

19th - 27th May - Exercise CAPELLA STRIKE with the USMC.

28th May - Arrive in Mayport, Florida for stand off.



June 2010

4th June - Sail from Mayport.

4th - 10th June - Exercise SEASWITI.

11th - 14th June - Norfolk, Virginia.

15th - 22nd June - Exercise HALCYON RENDEZVOUS.

23rd June - Arrive in Halifax, Nova Scotia for a formal visit.

24th June - Visit by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

29th June - International Fleet Review by Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

30th June - Sail from Halifax for the Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX). 


July 2010

27th July - Arrive in Port Canaveral, Florida for an informal visit.



August 2010

1st August - Sail from Port Canaveral.

13th August - Portsmouth for maintenance and Summer leave. Berth at Victory Jetty.



September 2010

2nd September - Cold move to "D" Lock.

4th September - Incline Experiment.

6th September - Cold move to Victory Jetty.

14th September - Captain Jerry Kyd joins as Commanding Officer.

27th September - Sail from Portsmouth for weapons trials and Apache deck landings.



October 2010

1st - 4th October - Visit to Faslane.

4th - 14th October - Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 102 (JMC).

16th October - Portsmouth.

19th October - Strategic Defence & Security Review results announced. Ark Royal to be decommissioned. 



November 2010

1st November - 25th Anniversary Dinner for all twelve of Ark Royal's Commanding Officers and Sir Donald Gosling.

5th November - Visit by Her Majesty The Queen.

9th November - Sail from Portsmouth.

12th - 17th November - De-ammunition ship at Glen Mallen Armament Depot.

19th - 23rd November - Visit to North Shields (includes Ship Open To Visitors).

24th November - Final four harriers take off from Ark Royal's flight deck.

25th - 30th November - Visit to Hamburg, Germany (includes Ship Open To Visitors). 



December 2010

3rd December - Arrive Portsmouth at Procedure Alpha, flying the decommissioning pennant. Berth at Victory Jetty.



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