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HMS Ark Royal

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier

HMS Ark Royal off Norway

HMS Ark Royal on Exercise ARMATURA BOREALIS - February 2008.


HMS Ark Royal Ship's Programme 2008

Some dates may be approximate. If you are able to provide more accurate information or to correct an error then please email us.



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January 2008

January - Portsmouth, Base Assisted Maintenance Period (BAMP).



February 2008

5th February - Sail from Portsmouth for shakedown and post-maintenance trials.

8th - 11th February - Visit to North Shields.

13th 19th February - Portsmouth.

19th February - Sail for Exercise ARMATURA BOREALIS off Norway. 



March 2008

12th - 13th March - Faslane to store ship and refuel.

15th March - RAS(L) with RFA Orangeleaf.

25th - 31st? March - Visit to Norfolk, Virginia.



April 2008

1st - 11th April - Exercise CONSTANT ALLIANCE with the USMC.

11th - 14th April - Norfolk, Virginia.

24th - 28th April - Portsmouth.

28th April - Defence Industry Day (at sea).

29th April - Portsmouth for a maintenance period and Easter leave.



May 2008

May - Portsmouth.



June 2008

2nd June - Sail for Shakedown period.

6th - 9th June - Visit to Liverpool.

14th June - At anchor off St Ives, Cornwall.

18th June - RAS(L) with RFA Orangeleaf.

20th June - Portsmouth.

25th June - Visit by Portsmouth FC with the FA Cup.



July 2008

3rd July - Sail from Portsmouth.

4th July - RAS(L) with RFA Bayleaf.

17th - 21st July - Visit to Norfolk, Virginia.

21st - 28th July - Operation BRIMSTONE.

28th July - Arrive in Mayport, Florida.

31st July - Captain John Clink joins as Commanding Officer.



August 2008

1st August - Sail from Mayport.

14th August - Arrive in Portsmouth for a Base Assisted Maintenance Period (BAMP) and Summer Leave.



September 2008

September - Portsmouth.



October 2008

2nd October - Sail from Portsmouth for Exercise JOINT WARRIOR.

19th - 31st October - Portsmouth. 



November 2008

7th - 10th November - Visit to Gibraltar (includes Ship Open To Visitors).

22nd November - Portsmouth for maintenance and Christmas leave.



December 2008

December - Portsmouth.



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