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HMS Ark Royal

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier

Status Quo on Ark Royal

Status Quo perform on Ark Royal's flight deck - 30th July 2002

HMS Ark Royal Ship's Programme 2002

Some dates may be approximate. If you are able to provide more accurate information or to correct an error then please email us.



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January 2002

January - Portsmouth.



February 2002

11th February - Sail from Portsmouth for Shakedown period and to prepare for BOST.

25th February - Staff Sea Check. Basic Operational Sea Training (BOST) commences at Devonport. 



March 2002

21st March - BOST complete.

22nd March - Portsmouth for maintenance period and Easter leave.



April 2002

15th April - Sail from Portsmouth for Aviation Work Up.



May 2002

7th - 9th May - Operational Readiness Inspection.

10th May - Portsmouth.

16th May - Sail for Mediterranean deployment.

25th - 28th May - Visit to Alicante, Spain.

28th May - Sail for Exercise DYNAMIC MIX.



June 2002

9th - 14th June - Visit to Palma, Majorca.

19th June - Visit by Status Quo to record the video for their single "Jam Side Down".

19th June - Portsmouth.

20th June - Families Day, at sea.

27th June - Visit by Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.



July 2002

July - Captain Alan Massey joins as Commanding Officer.

30th July - Status Quo concert on the flight deck to launch their "Heavy Traffic" album.



August 2002

August - Portsmouth for maintenance and Summer leave.



September 2002

2nd September - Sail from Portsmouth for Exercise ARGONAUT 02.

19th - 23rd September - Visit to Gibraltar.

26th September - Arrive in Valletta, Malta to participate in celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the Malta Convoys.



October 2002

1st October - Sail from Malta.

5th - 8th October - Visit to Naples, Italy.

12th October - "Ark Royal's Blind Date" show (sods opera) in the hangar.

28th October - Arrive in Barcelona, Spain.



November 2002

2nd November - Sail from Barcelona.

8th November - Portsmouth for Base Assisted Maintenance Period and leave.



December 2002

December - Portsmouth for maintenance and Christmas leave.



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