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HMS Ark Royal

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier

trial woking 91

HMS Ark Royal fires a Sea Dart missile during Trial WOKING - September 1991.

HMS Ark Royal Ship's Programme 1991

Some dates may be approximate. If you are able to provide more accurate information or to correct an error then please email us.



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January 1991

10th January - Sail from Portsmouth to the Eastern Mediterranean as support for the Liberation of Kuwait.

22nd January - Ship arrives off Cyprus.



February 1991

February - In Eastern Mediterranean off Cyprus. 



March 1991

1st - 7th March - Visit to Naples, Italy.

15th - 20th March - Visit to Piraeus, Greece.

27th March - Arrive in Palma, Majorca.



April 1991

3rd April - Sail from Palma.

10th April - Portsmouth for a Base Assisted Maintenance Period (BAMP) and Easter leave.



May 1991

30th May - Sail from Portsmouth for Shakedown period.



June 1991

6th - 18th June - Exercise OCEAN SAFARI.

20th -24th June - Visit to La Rochelle, France.

28th June - Portsmouth for Self Maintenence Period (SMP) and Summer Leave. Prepare ship to carry female personnel.



July 1991

July - Maintenance and leave period.



August 1991

21st August - Sail from Portsmouth for Shakedown period.

23rd August - Devonport.

24th - 26th August - Devonport Navy Days.

27th August - Sail from Devonport.

28th August - Portsmouth.



September 1991

10th September - Sail from Portsmouth for WESTLANT 91 deployment.

21st - 28th September - Visit to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To include "Ship Open to Visitors".



October 1991

2nd - 6th October - Tactical development trials (Trial WOKING) at the AUTEC Ranges, Andros Island, Bahamas.

11th - 22nd October - Visit to Mayport, Florida. Includes station leave. 



November 1991

4th November - Visit to Gibraltar.

7th November - Filming of "Frankie's On...Board!" TV show starring Frankie Howerd in the hangar.

8th November - Sail from Gibraltar for aircraft trials.

18th November - Portsmouth.

19th November - Visit from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

25th November - Embark first draft of 73 female Ship's Company members.

28th November - Commence Docked Assisted Maintenance Period (DAMP). To include the fitting of a reverse-osmosis plant.



December 1991

December - Maintenance and leave period.



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