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HMS Ark Royal

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier

Outback 88

Outback 88 photo - 23rd July 1988.

HMS Ark Royal Ship's Programme 1988

Some dates may be approximate. If you are able to provide more accurate information or to correct an error then please email us.



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January 1988

26th January - Sail from Portsmouth for Shakedown, "Sons at Sea" embarked.

29th January - Arrive in Newcastle. Visit includes "Ship Open to Visitors".



February 1988

4th February - Sail from Newcastle.

5th - 11th February - Aviation excercises.

11th -15th February - Rosyth.

15th - 26th February - Joint Maritime Course (JMC 881).

26th - 29th February - Rosyth. 



March 1988

1st March - Passing Exercise (PASSEX) with HMS Illustrious.

5th - 9th March - Visit to Hamburg.

13th March? - At anchor off Scarborough. Memorial Service for MEM Barry Cooney.

14th - 17th March - Exercise MALLET BLOW.

18th - 22nd March - Vist to Rotterdam.

23rd March - Portsmouth for Docked Assisted Maintenance Period (DAMP) and combined Easter and Summer Leave.



April 1988

15th April - Cold move to North West Wall.

April - Maintenance and Leave period.



May 1988

May - Maintenance and Leave period.



June 1988

1st June - "Fast Cruise" Exercise.

2nd June - Ammunition ship.

3rd June - Families Day at sea.

6th - 10th June - Shakedown period at sea.

13th June - Sail from Portsmouth for OUTBACK '88.

16th June - Photex with SS Canberra

17th - 19th June - Exercise JOLLY ROGER

25th - 29th June - Visit to Malta. At anchor in St Pauls Bay, due to protesters blocking Valetta Grand Harbour.



July 1988

2nd - 3rd July - Suez Canal transit.

23rd July - Ship's Company to muster on the flight deck for the Outback '88 photograph.

23rd July - Arrive in Singapore for maintenance period.

31st July - Visit by the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.



August 1988

8th August - Sail from Singapore.

13th - 17th August - Vist to Subic Bay, Phillipines.

23rd - 28th August - Visit to Hong Kong.



September 1988

September - Exercise SETIA KAWAN with Brunei defence forces.

September - Exercise LIMA BERSATU with Malaysian and Singapore forces.

11th September - "Crossing the Line" Ceremony on the flight deck.

21st - 25th September - Visit to Brisbane.

27th September - Arrive in Sydney. 



October 1988

1st October - Australian Bicentennial International Fleet Review by HRH the Duke of York.

7th October - Sail from Sydney.

13th October - Visit to Melbourne (cancelled due to protests).

23rd October - Arrive in Fremantle. 



November 1988

2nd November - Depart from Fremantle.

15th - 19th November - Visit to Bombay (Mumbai).

22nd November - War at Sea Exercise (WASEX) with USS Nimitz.

26th November - "Sods Opera" in the hangar.



December 1988

1st - 2nd December - Suez Canal transit.

5th December - War at Sea Exercise (WASEX) with FS Clemeceau.

9th - 11th December - Gibraltar. Embark "Sons at Sea".

12th December - Full Power Trial.

14th December - PHOTEX with HMS Invincible and HMS Illustrious.

15th December - Arrive in Portsmouth at South Railway Jetty for a Base Assisted Maintenance Period (BAMP) and Christmas Leave.



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