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HMS Ark Royal

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier

Ark Royal's Ship's Company 1985

Ship's Company

A warship is useless without men and women to operate its systems. Though many have served on other carriers no other draft was quite like serving on 'The Mighty Ark'.


Whilst it is not possible to publish a list of everyone that ever served on Ark, a list of the Ship's Company was published for the ship's commissioning ceremony in 1985, another for the Commission Book in 1988 and another for the ship's recommissioning in 2001. You can use the links below to view these lists. We don't know if another list was published for the rededication ceremony in 2007, but if such a list exists and you have a copy then please email us at .




HMS Ark Royal 1985

November 1985


Ark Royal Ship's Coy 1988



HMS Ark Royal 2001

November 2001




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