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HMS Ark Royal

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier

820 Naval Air Squadron 1988820 Naval Air Squadron Badge

Operating Sea King HAS Mk5 helicopters fitted with dipping sonar, 820 Squadron's primary role was long-range submarine detection. Secondary roles included long range patrols, maritime surveillance, search and rescue and logistics support.


Below is a list of 820 Squadron embarked in HMS Ark Royal in 1988, as published in 'HMS Ark Royal Commission Book February 1987 - December 1988'. As this pre-dates the introduction of women at sea in the Royal Navy, the entire squadron are male.




Commanding Officer

Senior Pilot

Senior Observer


LT CDR Knowles

LT CDR Thomas S.A.

LT CDR Swain D.M.






LT CDR Boyce G.J. LT CDR Rogers N.P.      






LT Ancona S.J.

LT Blackman N.T.
LT Bruggenwirth S.J.
LT Churchley R.J.
LT Eaton C.R.
LT Fitter I.S.T.
LT Fulford M.K.
LT Furness T.J.

LT Gibbs R.M.

LT Hall A.P.
LT Hands A.
LT Hatswell R.J.
LT Hood K.M.
LT Haseldine S.G.
LT Howard P.M.
LT Jennings M.P.

LT McCartain M.B.W.

LT McHale G.J.
LT Macaully-Black K.
LT Massey S.A.S.
LT Mathieson K.R.
LT Morton C.P.
LT Nunn J.R.
LT Powell S. 

LT Pringle A.

LT Richmond I.J.M.
LT Ryan J.
LT Stacey H.A.
LT Stockings T.M.
LT Swanney I.N.
LT Taylor J. (USN)
LT Topham K.T. 

LT Van-Onselen I.R.W.
LT Von-Hoven A.C.
LT Walters J.
LT Wilkinson P.M.
LT Wolfe D.E.
LT Young C.A.


S/LT Blackmore M.S.

S/LT Brown A. A.
S/LT Cain N.E. 

S/LT Cowley R.M.
S/LT Davies P.H.
S/LT Deacon S.

S/LT Dible J.H.
S/LT Eatwell R.A.
S/LT Farrant R.A.

S/LT Fedorowizc R.
S/LT Lauretani A.D.
S/LT Reece C.

S/LT Smallcroft J.
S/LT Smith P.E.



WOACMN Glover P.F.


CCAEA(R) Blisset R.W.

CCAEA(M) Smith K.

CCAEA(R) Fairs M.E.P.







CPOAEM(R) Alcock P.

CPOAEM(M) Bichard K.

CPOAEA(M) England I.R.

CPOAEA(R) Garrett J.
CPOAEA(M) Gibbs I.A. 


CPOAEA(WL) Hudnott M.J. 


CPOAEA(R) Moore S.G.
CPOAEA(WL) Shilson D.P. 

CPOAEM(WL) Tearall R.C.
CPOAEM(M) Webber M.
CPOAEA(WL) Willinggale K.M.


POACMN Allison T.C.

POAEM(R) Almond A.J.
POACMN Bridgewater G.A.
POACMN Burnett R.
POAEM(WL) Chambers J.R. 

POAEM(WL) Davidson K.M.

POAEM(WL) Davies A.R.
POAEA(M) Fairbrother A.
POAEM(WL) Fitton I.
POAEA(M) Geall P.J. 

POAEM(M) Griffen R.L.

POAEM(WL) Grimes L.M.C.
POACMN Jaggers G.
POAEM(WL) Johnson G.B.
POAEA(M) Macarthur M.W. 

POA(AH) Morgan S.

POAEA(R) Pilling S.G.
POAEM(M) Pritchard S.P.
POAEA(R) Rodgers A.G.
POAEM(R) Salter R.M.
POAEM(M) Short M.J. 

POAEM(R) Smith C.R.
POAEA(R) Straw J.N.
POAEM(M) Thurgood M.J.
POAEM(M) White D.A.J.
POAEA(WL) Whitton W.R.
POAEM(R) Whotton D.M.


LAEM(R) Ahehurst P.N.

LA(AH) Ashenden N.D.
LAEM(M) Bruce S.M.
LAEM(M) Buckmaster S.R.K.
LAEM(WL) Carr M.
LACMN Chambers I.
LAEM(R) Clarke G.D.C.
LACMN Cracroft M.A. 

LAEM(M) Currie C.

LACMN Delaney R.T.
LACMN Dutton A.
LAEM Francis G.P.
LA(SE) Franklin D.P.
LSTD Graves A.N.
LWTR Grimsely P.J.
LAEM(WL) Hancock S.A. 

LSA Harris A.S.

LACMN Hicks C.
LS(R) Howe P.C.
LAEM(M) Hymas G.J.
LAEM)M) Jose D.M.
LACMN Kit wood A.W.
LAEM(R) Lapsley W.G.
LACMN Lofthouse P.A. 

LREG Manning G.E.

LAEM(WL) Moore A.C.
LAEM(M) Moore M.K.
LAEM(M) McGrae S.
LACMN Padgett A.
LSTD Pattison I.
LAEM(M) Pepper J.
LACMN Sandoe B.J. 

LAEM(WL) Thomas G.

LACMN Thompson P.S.
LACMN Truss P.R.
LAEM(WL) Williams P.M.
LAEM(R) Williams T.L.
LACMN Willis K.E.
LAEM(WL) Wright S.M.



STD Aberdeen S.
NA(AH) Alexander N.
STD Allen P.G.
AEM(R) Aston P.P.
STD Barlow S.
AEM(WL) Bain I.W.T.
AEM(M) Baird W.
STD Bell D.I.
AEM(R) Bolton K.A.
STD Boiston P.J.
AEM(WL) Brookes R.B.
AEM(M) Bruce D.M.
AEM(M) Butler D.P.
AEM(M) Carson T.A.

AEM(M) Cass S.P.
AEM(R) Charlesworth R.
STD Collier T.C.
STD Conway A.D.
AEM(WL) Cowburn I.J.
NA(SE) Flaherty G.
AEM(WL) Flattely P.A.
AEA/A Garner R.B.
AEM(R) Goodman M.J.
AEM(M) Goodship A.C.
AEM(M) Hardman P.A.
AEM(M) Hargreaves I.K.
CK Harvey N.J.
AEM(R) Haslett G.I.

STD Hay A.
AEM(WL) Herrick N.D.
NA(AH) Hurst C.T.
AEA/A Kemp P.
STD Larsen A.J.
AEM(WL) Lauder A.S.
AEM(WL) Lees P.J.
AEM(M) Lord A.G.
AEA/A Lund D.G.
AEM(R) Mason M.J.
AEM(M) Memory S.P.
NA(AH) Moors W.
A/WTR Murray G.S.
AEM(M) Parkinson S.

AEM(M) Pask N.G.
NA(AH) Pinder D.M.
NA(AH) Prowse N.R.
STD Robson M.A.
AEM(WL) Robson S.W.
STD Rodderick L.M.J
AEM(M) Saunders A.J.
AEM(R) Seaborn A.
AEM(WL) Smith A.N.
AEM(M) Smith K.L.
AEM(M) Spiller S.W.
AEA/A Spooner R.S.
CK Stapleton I.G.
NA(AH) Stevenson G.D.

AEM(M) Taylor P.J.
AEM(WL) Tucker J.J.
AEM(WL) Vickerstaffe B.
AEA/A White N.C.
AEM(M) Whitehurst M.A.
AEM(M) Wilkinson S.
AEM(WL) Williams C.B.
AEM(M) Williams G.D.
AEA/A Willis A.
AEM(WL) Wright D.W.


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