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HMS Ark Royal

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier


HMS Ark Royal Association

31st August 2017


Recent discussions on our Facebook page have raised the idea of forming an Association for the former Officers and Ship's Company of the fifth HMS Ark Royal (operational between 1985 and 2011). A new Facebook Group has been formed to assess whether there is sufficient interest in forming such an organization. So far, it appears that there is.


The Setup Committee had their first meeting on 30th August chaired by Grant Nicholson. Also present were Yorkie Stout, Johnny Hartshorne, Adam Redford and Mark Weston.

All decisions made at the meeting will need to be reviewed by the members at the Association's first AGM next year but here is a summary of what was decided:

  1. Our new Association will be called the HMS Ark Royal Association and its aims will be to bring together, in a social setting, those who served as officers, ratings or civilian staff on the fifth HMS Ark Royal (R07) and to re-establish and maintain links to organizations previously affiliated to HMS Ark Royal.
  2. Full membership will be available all serving or former naval, military, NAAFI or laundry staff who served a period of at least four weeks aboard HMS Ark Royal V (R07), including attached squadrons.
  3. Associate membership will be available to all former naval, military, NAAFI or laundry staff who served a period of at least four weeks aboard HMS Ark Royal IV (R09), including attached squadrons.
  4. Honorary membership may be awarded to an individual who otherwise may not qualify for membership at the discretion of The Committee (including any surviving members of Ark Royal III's Ship's Company).
  5. The annual subscription fee for full and associate members will be £10. We are considering a life membership option as well.

Member recruitment is likely to commence at the beginning of October and we aim to hold our first AGM and social event around June 2018 (exact date and location TBC).


Watch this page and or join the Ark Royal V Association Facebook Group for updates as they occur.